Our Story 

Slope Side Apparel was started in 2016 by Michele Leonard and Rachel LaLonde. We are two friends that have gone on many ski weekends together with our husbands and kids. Because we don't ski and we are always slope side, we decided we could look cute, comfy, layered and stay warm while in the lodge or out shopping.   With extra time on our hands while the families were out skiing,  we got on board with the up-cycled clothing trend and began to create warm, one-of-a-kind bum warmers and accessories to stay warm and be fashionable.  Our family and friends loved the samples we made and wanted one for themselves.  They're great for all ages because of how well they pair with leggings and jeans. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind so there is a style and print for everyone.  Once word spread, we knew we had a hit! 

Our Inspiration 

Our inspiration is derived from warm comfortable layers with a vintage "lodgewear" feel that make staying warm fashionable.  Slope Side uses premium upcycled fabrics to make one of a kind pieces.  We love being part of the sustainable fashion trend! 


Save Our Sweater Program (S.O.S!)

Do you have grandma's sweater that you would love to be able to wear?  Maybe it's grandpa's or someone else that is special to you. Maybe you have a stain or a hole on your favorite sweater but you can't bring yourself to donate it.  We would love to upcycle your garment and make it into a one of a kind Slope Side Bumwarmer made just for you!    

Please fill out the form below and we will send you complete instructions: